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ample clips from our 3D films, in dual-stream WMV and side-by-side MP4 3D format (as well as anaglyph clips for demonstration). View using Stereoscopic Player on both 3D-capable and non-3D systems. For 3D Playback, use a 120Hz 3D monitor and the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ glasses. For playback on a non-3D system, use red/cyan anaglyph glasses. Check back often, as sample clips from new 3D movies will be added to this page regularly.

Enjoy these free 3D clips, taken from our Full HD 3D Naturist Films. Files are available in these formats:

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1080p MP4 Side-by-Side: download a 3D side-by-side 1080p MP4 sample clip which is viewable either on the PC using Stereoscopic Player, or on a 3DTV equipped with a memory card slot. Simply copy this file onto your memory card and put in your 3DTV, for 3D playback directly from the memory card. If viewing on the PC, specify video  parameters in Stereoscopic Player as side-by-side, left image first, 16:9 aspect ratio.

IMPORTANT: see System Requirements for 3D Playback to play these 1080p 3D HD clips. Use only
Stereoscopic Player for playing the 3D Sample Clips. For downloadable clips, choose SAVE AS when the download window appears, not OPEN. Some links may take you to an external file serving site for download. Full-length 3D movies are also available in full 1920x1080p HD resolution; each clip has a link to the Full HD version.

3D Vision3D-Capable System: This provides by far the best quality. Sample clips must be played with the Stereoscopic Player, using NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ glasses, on a 3D monitor. See the System Requirements for satisfactory playback of 1080p 3D HD clips. AnaglyphNon-3D System: Sample clips can also be viewed on a standard PC monitor, using red/cyan anaglyph glasses. Due to its inferior quality, we do not produce films in anaglyph 3D format. Sample clips must be played with the Stereoscopic Player. See the System Requirements for satisfactory playback of 3D HD clips.


For "Download" clips, click "SAVE AS" to save the file to your computer when the download begins-
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Also, see the System Requirements for satisfactory playback of 1080p 3D HD clips.
In some cases, lower resolution sample clips are offered for systems that are unable to play 1080p HD content.

3D Nudist Adventure (NEW!)
Running Length:
approx. 90 seconds
Join this group of nudists for an adventure in the world's first 3D Naturist Movie! This group of energetic and fun nudists goes hiking in a beautiful hillside forest. Then everyone stops at a scenic clearing for some yoga and morning exercises, followed by fun and funny games. It's all captured in Full-HD 3D, 1920x1080 resolution for each eye, for an incredible 'you-are-there' 3D experience!  The energetic nudists, beautiful natural setting, and amazing Full-HD 3D image make this movie a must-see for naturism enthusiasts.

Please see the important System Requirements for 3D playback.
1080p MP4 Side-by-Side

1080p WMV Dual Stream
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1080p MP4 Side-by-Side
(external host)
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3D Nudist Beach

Nudist Sauna 3D

Body Painting at Home 3D

3D Nudist Country Horse Ride

Ukrainian Family Sauna 3D


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